Picking The Right Trainer//Red Flags

There are a lot of “Dog Trainer Red Flag” posts and articles floating around as people are once again beginning to see the value in training. Owners are trying their best to find the “best” dog trainer for their dog, who uses the “best” training methods. Unfortunately, when looking for answers on line you willContinue reading “Picking The Right Trainer//Red Flags”


GENETICS ARE IMPORTANT This is why I neutered Loki -to guarantee no possibility of offspring.. This is why I do management training with puppies BEFORE issues start, especially to help with potential breed traits. This is was ethical breeding is important. This is why understanding that genetics also effect behavior and temperament. This is Loki’sContinue reading “Genetics”

Littermate Syndrome

[[Featured Image (above) is owned by Melissa Miller of two of her dogs (1 month apart in age) playing.]] Littermate Syndrome Many people who bring home two puppies at the same time, or around the same time, will likely be warned about the potential for Littermate Syndrome. There is much back and forth between theContinue reading “Littermate Syndrome”

Invisible Dog: Advocation prt 1

                When it comes to the “Invisible Dog Series” we have covered existence socialization and its benefits, and we have gone over the basics of laying the foundation for your puppy/dog. There is one thing that we have not covered and it is a very important, and often over looked, step in training our dogsContinue reading “Invisible Dog: Advocation prt 1”

Crate Training & Separation Anxiety

CRATE TRAINING & SEPARATION ANXIETY TIPS & TRICKS THIS IS A LONG READ BUT IS BROKEN DOWN IN SEGMENTS. HOPE THIS HELPS. Here I have taken the time to write up some tips and tricks to make the crate a comfortable and safe place for your canine companion. Paired with these tips are helpful toolsContinue reading “Crate Training & Separation Anxiety”