Genetics & The Problem Child

                Lets take a moment to discuss genetics and the role they play when it comes to our dogs.                 In order to best do this lets briefly discuss how dog breeds came to be, as this is the foundation of all the breeds we know and love today. Please keep in mind the belowContinue reading “Genetics & The Problem Child”

“Invisible Dog” Step One

“Invisible Dog” Step One We have gone over socialization types (interaction vs existence) in a previous article, where we expressed the difference and benefits of existence socialization and what I mean by the term “invisible dog”. Here we will start to break down the beginning stages of this type of socialization and what to lookContinue reading ““Invisible Dog” Step One”

Before Getting a New Puppy or Dog

SELECTING A PUPPY We all end up with that over excitement about bringing a new puppy home, even far before we have selected our new addition. The process, regardless on if you adopt or select going to a breeder, is the same.  It is best to be realistic with your expectations, motivation to achieve them,Continue reading “Before Getting a New Puppy or Dog”

The Invisible Dog: Socialization

The Invisible Dog: Socialization If you have ever talked to me in person about socialization, I will tell you two things: “Teach existence, not interaction.” “I want an “invisible dog” in public.” Social Distancing I see many people panic about properly socializing their new puppies during a time of social distancing. This has become aContinue reading “The Invisible Dog: Socialization”