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Nervous Dog?

Nervous Dog? When our dogs appear nervous or scared, our first -and natural- response is to comfort them. What this usually looks like is that we coo and sweetly tell them that “its okay”, “don’t worry”, “don’t be afraid/nervous”, etc. Telling a person that “its okay” and “don’t worry” can help the situation because aContinue reading “Nervous Dog?”


GENETICS ARE IMPORTANT This is why I neutered Loki -to guarantee no possibility of offspring.. This is why I do management training with puppies BEFORE issues start, especially to help with potential breed traits. This is was ethical breeding is important. This is why understanding that genetics also effect behavior and temperament. This is Loki’sContinue reading “Genetics”

Littermate Syndrome

[[Featured Image (above) is owned by Melissa Miller of two of her dogs (1 month apart in age) playing.]] Littermate Syndrome Many people who bring home two puppies at the same time, or around the same time, will likely be warned about the potential for Littermate Syndrome. There is much back and forth between theContinue reading “Littermate Syndrome”

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