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Nervous Dog?

Nervous Dog? When our dogs appear nervous or scared, our first -and natural- response is to comfort them. What this usually looks like is that we coo and sweetly tell them that “its okay”, “don’t worry”, “don’t be afraid/nervous”, etc. Telling a person that “its okay” and “don’t worry” can help the situation because aContinue reading “Nervous Dog?”


GENETICS ARE IMPORTANT This is why I neutered Loki -to guarantee no possibility of offspring.. This is why I do management training with puppies BEFORE issues start, especially to help with potential breed traits. This is was ethical breeding is important. This is why understanding that genetics also effect behavior and temperament. This is Loki’sContinue reading “Genetics”

Service Dogs

This is in regards to Service Dogs in the United States. Different countries have different laws and regulations when it comes to Service Dogs Service Dog Basics Service dogs go through fairly vigorous training, they need to be the top of their game in order to help their handlers. When starting from a puppy thisContinue reading “Service Dogs”

Muzzle? All dogs?

Muzzle Training: Why All Dogs Should Do it! *Please Read In Its Entirety* I will always advocate for every single dog to be muzzle conditioned, regardless of their temperament, size, or need of one. Contrary to the title, this does not mean that I believe all dogs should be muzzled; it means all dogs shouldContinue reading “Muzzle? All dogs?”

Puppy 101.2

Crate Training A huge stress of bringing a puppy home is the house breaking and crate training. We get questions all the time regarding these two subjects and it is important to touch on these subjects. This entry is all about the crate. The biggest comments we hear: “Our puppy cries for hours/all night whenContinue reading “Puppy 101.2”

Puppy 101.1

Crate & House Training In this entry we will be discussing two very important factors that can help with house training and that is to fulfill the mantra “supervise or confine”. First, what does this mantra mean when it comes to puppies? Supervise or confine means exactly what you would expect. When you have aContinue reading “Puppy 101.1”

Muzzle Stigma

If you have ever seen a muzzled dog,what was you first thought? How do you feel about muzzles? If you have ever had to muzzle your dog, or have ever taken your dog into public while wearing a muzzle I am sure that you have experienced some version of the stigma that comes with theContinue reading “Muzzle Stigma”


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